Grainline Linden the first 

Grainline Linden the first 

I have been so itching to get back into sewing. I wanted to make something relatively easy, to get my sea legs back. During the years I’ve not been sewing I have acquired a new sewing machine *and* a new serger, so I needed to figure that out. I have been wanting something simple and warm to wear for my volunteer work at the animal shelter, but I didn’t want a hood. Enter the Grainline Studios Linden pattern. Not a lot of pieces, straightforward construction. The fabric is some french terry I found at Joann’s and it was not the funnest thing to work with. The cut ends kept curling under, which made the neck binding really hard to sew on to the shirt. I actually gave up about 2/3 of the way through and pulled if off the serger, but then when I looked at it I decided I could just stitch the seam allowance down and it would look fine. And it does. But I will not be showing what the inside looks like. 😀

I don’t have a lot of experience with knits so I don’t know if that’s how they typically behave. I have a cute printed sweatshirt fleece on the way, especially for this pattern, so I’ll get to try again, and if the same thing happens I’ll have to cut longer neckline pieces because I really do want to make a bunch of these.

My sewing room still needs organization but I am doing it between sewing tasks now which is actually fun. I have all this fabric that I bought for specific things and I don’t remember anymore what they’re for, so I’m going to pick something random and make a Butterick 5526 out of it.

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